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Assessing the Clinical and Neural Outcomes in Depressed Youth Randomized to One of Two Intensities of Aerobic Exercise Local
Conditions Addressed: Depression in Youth (Ages 16-24)
Status: Active and recruiting
Dates: Wed Mar 27, 2019 to Mon Aug 31, 2020
Although therapy and medications are usually the first –line treatments for young people with depression, research has shown that physical activity can also have mood-elevating effects. Exercise is generally low in cost, safe, and easy to access. This makes it an appealing intervention or add-on treatment for depressed youth. However, there is a lack of research on the impact of physical activity on the brain, particularly in young people. Further, we do not know what the best therapeutic “dose” of exercise is. The goal of this research study is to examine the influence of two different types of exercise intensity (moderate vs. high intensity cardio) on mood, cognition and brain activity in young people with depression. Sessions will last 12 weeks and consist of 3 supervised exercise session per week. Clinical information and brain imaging data will be collected throughout study. This information will expand our understanding of how exercise can be used as a therapeutic strategy in young people with depression.

We are looking for 40 males and females, aged 16-24 years, who are currently depressed, but not currently on antidepressant medication and are not exercising regularly.
Sponsor: The Royal's Institute for Mental Health Research
613-722-6531 x6254

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