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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

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Borderline Personality Disorder in Adults
Introduction All humans are social, and one of our deepest needs is to attach, or feel connected to others. After all, we cannot survive without others. When we are young, our most important attachments are to parents and adult caregivers. As we become older, our attachments change to include friends and peers. In adulthood, it changes to focus on romantic partners.    Because one of our deepest needs is to attach, it is natural then, that one of our deepest fears is lack of attachment, or rejection, or abandonment. For people with borderline personality disorder, these fears become overwhelming and ...
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Children and Youth with Intense Emotions: Information for Family and Friends
Does My Loved One Have Intense Emotions? Does your loved one have this set of traits? Troubles regulating his/her feelings, leading to mood swings? Such as being sad, angry, or upset one moment, whereas becoming euphoric and happy the next moment? Impulsive and harmful behaviour? Youth with intense emotions may turn to behaviours like self-harm, or self-medicating with drugs and alcohol to try to  control their intense emotions. But in the long run, these behaviours end up causing more problems instead of being solutions.Relationships that go from one extreme to the other? Such as loving someone or being friends one moment, alternating with ...
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