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Depression in Adults
What is Depression? Everyone has times when they feel the ‘blues' or when they get sad from time to time. Depression on the other hand, is a sadness so severe that it can cause: Difficulties functioning at home, work or school Changes in sleep, energy, appetite and concentration, Feelings such as sadness, anxiety, irritability or anger, Low self-esteem or feelings of hopelessness. When extremely severe, people who are depressed may have thoughts of hurting themselves. How Common is Depression? Depression is a common condition that can affect anyone at any age. In any given year, it is estimated that ...
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Depression in Children and Youth: Information for Parents and Caregivers
What is depression? It is normal for children and youth to feel sad from time to time.  But this sadness doesn’t stop them from going on with their everyday activities.  And it goes away on its own.  Depression, on the other hand, is a sadness so severe that it interferes with everyday life.   Typical symptoms of depression (aka clinical depression, or major depressive disorder) are: Feeling sad, worried, irritable or angry Lack of enjoyment in life, or troubles enjoying anything Feeling hopeless and worthlessHaving troubles coping with everyday activities at home, school, or ...
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Depression in Youth: Youth Edition
Amanda's story When I was 15 years old, my parents split up, and I stayed with my mom. She had to work longer hours, so I had to take on more responsibilities at home. When I got home each day, I’d have so much stuff to do, that it became hard to keep up with school, homework, and my friends. I felt completely overwhelmed and was literally getting sick from all the stress I was under. I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t sleep. I felt like my life was unraveling.   My mom was having a hard time with the separation, and was working a lot. I didn’t see my dad much. I started to turn more to my friends and my ...
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Postpartum Depression
One Mother's Story "After my first child was born, I started to cry all the time and feel sad. And I felt guilty because you're supposed to be happy about being a new mom and all that. So I hid all of the sadness from everyone else. The funny thing is, that I was doing such a good job at making things look good on the surface, that no one knew I was depressed. But I knew it was time to get help when I started to really resent my child."   "I saw my family doctor, who told me that I had Post-Partum Depression. We started with some counselling but after a few weeks things weren't getting any better, so I ...
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Seasonal Depression (aka Winter Depression)
What is Seasonal Depression? "I used to really hate the winters. I'd get sad and start crying for no reason. I'd just hibernate - stop going out, sleep all the time, and couldn't stop eating carbs, and I'd gain ten pounds every winter. And then I realized that really what I had was winter depression."   Seasonal affective disorder (aka SAD, season depression or winter depression in North America) is a type of depression that occurs in the fall/winter months. It usually begins in late fall or early winter and goes away by summer, and is felt to be due to the seasonal lack of sunlight.   But ...
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Self-Harm: Information for Adults
What is self-harm? Self-harm is when people purposely try to hurt themselves. Common ways of self-harm include: Self-cutting Scratching or burning one's skin "Minor" overdosing of medications (taking excess amounts of medications but not enough to kill oneself) Head banging (banging one's head against a wall).Who Self-Harms? People of all ages may self-harm, though self-injury behaviours start on average at age 15, and is most commonly seen in teenagers and young adults.  Why do people self-harm? It is believed that people self-harm in order to cope or deal with some stress. Some of ...
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